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Wetlands project

The project will allow the reclamation of wetlands through the reuse of treated wastewater

Il progetto permetterà di bonificare delle zone umide grazie al riutilizzo delle acque reflue trattate
La Lomellina è una fondazioen che sostiene progetti diversi con scopi diversi, ma tutti accomunati dal voler migliorare gli habitat


The aim is to create a pilot wetland with ideal conditions for research and development of strategies to optimise water quality parameters, hydrobiology and biodiversity enhancement. The wetland will therefore undergo further biological treatment of wastewater, as the current treatment of industrial (mainly agri-food) and residential water is deficient and will fail to meet the qualitative objectives of improving the ecological status of water bodies by 2027, as also stipulated in the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD).

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