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recovery of Anveuda

With the reopening of the larch grove, conditions will be favoured to strengthen the presence of the Black Grouse, a huntable species in the intervention area



The objective of the silvicultural component interventions is to recover, maintain and enhance the traditional form of management of the pastured larch forest. The opening up of wooded areas favours the development of the grazed grassland layer, and this with the aim of using the recovered agro-forestry areas extensively by pasturing. The planned interventions will have a positive impact on both species diversity and the creation and maintenance of a favourable habitat for various species of lepidoptera, orthoptera and birds, in particular the black grouse.


Proponent: Fondazione Dötra

Location: Dötra, Ticino, Svizzera

Duration: 2022 - 2025 

Collaboration: Forest Section and Office for Nature and Landscape - Dipartimento del Territorio (Canton Ticino), Blenio Municipality (Olivone), Zurich Ornithological Society (vogelwarte), Swiss Landscape Fund

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