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Mongolia’s 100 Springs of Life

While focussing on the critically endangered saiga antelope, the project strongly contributes to the conservation and promotion of valuable habitats by protecting natural springs to ensure meadows and pastureland for the saiga antelope and local herding families.

La saiga della Mongolia è un ungulato che rischia l'estinzione per mancanza di sorgenti d'acqua

© Wild Wonders of Europe / Igor Shpilenok / WWF


In the regional IUCN list the Mongolian saiga is listed as critically endangered because water sources are disappearing due to aridification, overgrazing and trampling of spring heads by livestock. The project aims to protect at least 100 water sources. At the same time, a coalition of communities and local authorities will be formed to ensure sustainable management of water resources, thus securing pastures for 15,000 Saiga antelopes and the livestock of 1,000 herder families.


Proponent: WWF Switzerland and WWF Mongolia

Location: Mongolia

Duration: 2022 - 2025

Collaboration: Local authorities, Mongol Els National Park, IUCN Antelope Specialist Group

Il progetto Monglia's 100 springs of life mira a creare sorgenti d'acqua per la Saiga
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