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Recovery of the Pyrenean Capercaillie
(Tetrao urogallus pirenaica) in Aragón (Spain)

The goal is to recover the capercaillie populations through targeted actions in the breeding areas near the city of Bielsa, in the north of the Huesca province, located in the autonomous community Aragon, where the birds are still present



Before achieving the main objective, it’s been decided to carry out a scientific study to collect and analyse data over a period of three years. The aim is to produce solid scientific data to justify the management of the areas concerned in favour of the capercaillie.

The second part of the project (2023 - 2025) is to monitor the response of the grouse population to the restoration and ecological connectivity measures implemented by the institutions and to ensure that the different stakeholders are involved and contribute to the project (Bielsa inhabitants, hunters, managers, foresters, local authorities).


Proponent: Fundación Artemisan 

Location: Bielsa, Aragón, Spagna

Duration: 2020 - 2022 (first funding)

                 2023 - 2025 (second financing)

Collaboration: Government of Aragón and Franch authorities

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